It’s More Than A Quote

    Today, as we celebrate and remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life, work, and legacy, I wanted to feature a quote that some may not see as we peruse our facebooks, twitters, and instagrams.

    “The time is always right to do what is right.”

    Simple and profound! Let’s think about what this means…

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    Encouragement, Thoughts

    Words, Phrases, Themes

    It’s time, y’all.

    Have you decided what your theme is for the year? Any words or phrases have been tugging at you? This could be for anything – you, your family, your business, school, etc. There are no limits.

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    National Spaghetti Day

    Happy New Year! Hope your first week of 2018 has been going well.  Did you know yesterday was National Spaghetti Day? Let me tell ya, spaghetti and meatballs is my favorite meal – comfort food at its best!  So this made sense to celebrate. But check this out – I didn’t know what to have for dinner last night.  It was too cold to go outside and buy anything; but wising up, I remembered what I had in stock.  After googling some cool recipes that used meat and spinach, I decided to make a meat sauce to use with pasta that my mom cooked up earlier.

    Here’s what I did:

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    My Life, Photography

    Taking My Photography Hobby Seriously

    I love taking pictures.

    Capturing moments, settings, awesome views, facial expressions. It’s so cool to me. It reminds me of choreography and theatre staging. Having a theme or concept in mind, and working on achieving the right shot at the right time. I love it.  So, I’ve been dabbling for a few years, but at the end of last year, I made the decision to step it up with my photography.  After I took my friend Ica’s workshop in January, it was on!

    Y’all know my theme for the year was “Challenge yourself”.  Learning more, doing more.  Bringing my camera along with me and experimenting with lenses. Stepping out and sharing my photos on social media. Actually telling people that I take pictures.  I haven’t always been good at promoting my work or informing, but I’m growing into that confidence. And I have some awesome friends who have been so encouraging all year. So, if you’re reading  – thank you!

    Because of my commitment and awesome favor, it has led to some cool opportunities, which included my first paid gig.

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    DC Life, Holidays

    Holiday Brunch!

    I’ve always enjoyed hosting parties and organizing social events. There’s nothing better than getting everyone together for a good time. I wanted to do something a little different than the party I hosted last Christmas. After a few revisions, I came up with an idea. Brunch! Who can say no to that?  My friends and I love a good brunch during the weekend.

    On Sunday, I had the pleasure of hosting a brunch at City Perch Kitchen & Bar in Pike & Rose.  If you recall, I visited for the first time a few months ago.  The experience was so memorable, I decided to return.

    When everyone is busy with work and family, it’s hard sometimes to coordinate schedules, but thankfully, it all worked out. Lots of laughs and good conversation. It was great because it was a reunion of sorts. Catching up on what’s been happening in our lives this year, being silly. We were even singing – with harmonies too!

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